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No More Trenching - Eliminate Expensive Wire Runs

RF Wireless Solutions’ Wireless Wiegand Gate Kit consists of two 900MHz wireless modules: the 900-PRIME and 900-REMOTE, both with external antennas. These modules are capable of transmitting data from Wiegand readers to your access control system and returning lock relay signals when the access panel grants access. This gate kit is truly a cabling replacement for hard-to-wire gates, and it provides extremely stable links with easy installations.

The Wireless Wiegand Gate Kit eliminates the costly wiring and trenching that causes so many headaches with remote gate and door installations and installs so easily, you’ll wonder why you ever hard wired card readers to begin with. FHSS (Frequency Hopping, Spread Spectrum) 902-928 MHz with 256 bit AES encryption eliminates all worries about signal integrity and potential interference.

Features & Benefits:
  • 1 or 2 Gate/Door Kits Available
  • Wiring Scheme is Industry Standard
  • Eliminates Trenching for Data Lines
  • AES 256 bit Encryption – FIPS 197
  • Radios are NOT Susceptible to Interference
  • Range of Up to 2 Miles Outdoors (LOS)
  • Range of Up to 1500 Ft. Indoors
  • Antenna Can Be Extended for More Range
Product Sheet (PDF)
Wireless Wiegand Gate/Door
Install Instructions
Wireless Wiegand  900 Prime (Base)
Install Instructions
Wireless Wiegand  900 Remote

RFW-900MESH Wireless Modem

Stand-Alone Radio Modem capable of Point to Point,
Point to Multipoint, Star, Ad-hoc & MESH 

The RFW-900MESH is a 900MHz module that makes your serial data links wireless. With no configuration required, this module is simply plug and play. It utilizes a 256-bit AES encryption with a FIPS-197 approved AES algorithm which provides
additional security to the data being transferred..The RFW-900MESH module is an inexpensive solution to lengthy data transmission distances.

The RFW-900MESH facilitates quicker and easier installations and opens up an array of possibilities for remote monitoring and access control applications including a robust SELF HEALING Wireless Mesh Network. 
RFW-900MESH Product Sheet (PDF)