Parking Guidance Systems

PIMSTM    Software/GUI (Parking Intel and Management System)and PureActiv® Video Analytics


Parking Intel and Management System Software that interfaces with PureActiv Video Analytics Software from PureTech - exports real time vehicle counts and space availability data to a desktop workstation and/or network(s) where PIMS takes over as the User Interface and displays data for easy interpretation and decision making.

Additional Features of the desktop/network version:
  • Displays count data in multiple user interfaces, graphic formats and charts
  • Generate usage reports and facilitate proactive decision making
  • Generate email alerts based on occupancy percentage
  • Adjust counts (and optional LED signage) from the desktop
  • Interface with multiple sign manufacturers (listing available on request)
PIMS Product Sheet (PDF)
PIMS™ SFTP Module Description (PDF)
PIMS EULA End User License Agreement
PIMSTM Software Features
Software Screenshots
​Multiple User Interfaces
  • Display real time data on your PC/network
  • Adjust physical sign counts from your PC
  • Provides visual status of all lots/decks in graph form; select from pie charts, bar graphs & more
  • Deploy/Export count information in CSV format for custom report design/data manipulation
  • Stores statistical data in SQL Express database for easy retrieval and manipulation
  • Communicates with up to 255 count signs - static and variable messaging signs
  • Automatically email count status alerts
  • Optional - ability to export count info to a third party interface via SFTP
  • Optional -network version using TCP socket connection
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PureTech® Systems - PureActiv® Video Analytics

Camera Based Vehicle Counts & Parking Guidance Utilizing Video Analytics

Utilize standard CCTV cameras and our video analytic software to more efficiently count vehicles and integrate with the PIMSTM software to create a state of the art parking guidance system.

  • More accurate and less expensive than infrared or ultrasonic sensors
  • Significantly more accurate than loop detectors (over 99% accuracy)
  • Simple installation and less intrusive than loop detectors
  • Utilize cameras to accurately count parking traffic by zone or floor
  • Eliminates the need for lane for lane delineation
  • Ignore non-vehicles (people, lighting, baggage carts)
  • One way vehicle count per camera
  • Reconfigurable (cameras can be easily moved)
  • Integrates using standard XML counts
  • Full vehicle view not required
PureActiv® Product Information (PDF)
PureActiv® Case Study (PDF)
PureActiv® Camera Configuration Guide (PDF) ​(Setup Instructions)
PIMS - PureActiv System Architecture Diagram